Chemistry Summer Enhanced Experience Discovering Science, Chem-SEEDS

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Chem-SEEDS is a ten-week summer program that provides its participants with an immersive, authentic and engaging Chemistry state-of-the-art research environment conducive to developing the skills necessary to become successful and independent student researchers. Through the program, undergraduates participate in the generation of knowledge in chemistry cutting-edge research. Chem-SEEDS experiences are enhanced by a pedagogical approach to facilitating development of scientific skills through network mentoring and apprenticeship. In addition to the lab hands-on immersion, development of scientific practice and reasoning are supported through a peer-centered, collaboration-oriented, community of scholars' environment that promotes argumentation and reflective discussion through diverse activities (workshops, field trips, weekly research meetings, seminars, etc.). Training in scientific writing (conference abstracts and articles/reports), and oral and poster presentation skills are among the supplemental activities of the program.

Chem-SEEDS participants work with one research faculty member and under the direct supervision of a graduate student mentor. For detailed descriptions of the research projects, click here. To culminate the program, participants present posters at the USF-organized REU Research Day that brings together all NSF-sponsored, USF REU sites. Chem-SEEDS encourages student publications and presentations at national, regional and local scientific meetings. Conference travel stipends (3) will be awarded each year based on the results of the poster competition during the concluding symposium. USF is within walking distance of a major mall, a botanical garden, numerous restaurants, an adventure theme park, the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and other attractions and sites of interest. Some of these locations are serviced by the USF bus system (BullRunner). College students admitted to the program will receive:

  1. A stipend of $4750 for the 10-week program commitment
  2. On campus housing in four-bedroom apartments shared with other program participants. These apartments are furnished and include a kitchen and living room and are within walking distance of all the research laboratories. Meal plans are available but not included in the program.
  3. Partial travel reimbursement.
Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Program Coordinator:

Dr. Santiago Sandi-Urena
Assistant Professor and Chem-SEEDS PI