May 26 to July 31, 2015
Tentative calendar of activities, Summer 2015

Induction Activities Day One

General orientation

Lab and facilities tours

Group lunch with PIs and graduate mentors

Training session on laboratory safety and hazardous waste handling

Campus tour, IDs

Day Two

Workshop: Fundamentals of conducting scientific research in chemistry, responsible conduct and ethics.

Library orientation and workshop

Welcome picnic at USF Riverfront Park: participants, faculty and graduate mentors.

Laboratory Research Activities
Initial meeting with PI and graduate mentor Day Two
Laboratory research work Day Three through Week Ten
Proposal presentation: purpose of research, specific research objectives, theoretical background, methodology, tentative timeline, and evaluation plan. (10 min) Friday, Week Two
Research group meetings Weekly, TBA by research groups
Instructional Research Activities
Chem-SEEDS research discussion meetings: Collaborative learning environment that requires and promotes the use of scientific skills. The activities promote the development of student-student communication in an environment conducive to scientific discussion and reflection. Attended by participants, PIs, and graduate mentors. Friday afternoons
Chem-SEEDS Individual Research update presentation: four or five participants present a progress report (10 min). Every other Friday during Chem-SSEDS research discussion meetings
Workshops Monday mornings for Chem-SEEDS exclusive workshops, TBA for those coordinated with other NSF REUs at USF
Industry tour Week Five, TBA
Social Activities/Culminating Events
Social events, scenic/cultural trips Weekend, Weeks Three and Six
NSF REU Research Day at USF Week Ten