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Policies & Procedures

How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness

Effective January 1, 2014, all work-related injuries or illnesses are to be reported immediately by the supervisor or department designee by telephone to:

AmeriSys 1-800-455-2079 (toll free)

The injured or ill employee should be present for the call so the employee’s injuries or illness may be triaged and the appropriate medical care provided.

In case of emergency, call 911 for immediate medical care for the injured or ill employee. Then, the supervisor or department designee must call AmeriSys immediately at 1-800-455-2079.

Employee’s Responsibility
  1. When an incident occurs, the employee must report all injuries or illnesses to his/her supervisor or department designee immediately (no exceptions).
Supervisor’s (or Department Designee’s) Responsibility – What to Do
  1. Call AmeriSys immediately at 1-800-455-2079 to report the injury or illness. Except in cases of emergency, the injured or ill employee must be present with the supervisor when the injury or illness is reported.
  2. Complete the Accident Investigation Report for Supervisors (on the Workers’ Compensation webpage or the HR Forms list).
  3. Have the completed Accident Investigation Report for Supervisors and the following information ready when you call
  4. AmeriSys to report an injury:
    • Injured/ill employee’s home address and home telephone number.
    • Injured/ill employee’s date of birth and social security number.
    • Injured/ill employee’s date of employment and salary.
  5. Once AmeriSys has taken the required information from you over the telephone, the intake specialist will assess the employee’s medical needs and refer the injured/ill employee to a medical facility as appropriate.
  6. Within 24 hours of the injury or illness occurring, send the completed Accident InvestigationReport for Supervisors to Human Resources, SVC 2172, Attn: Meica Elridge by campus mail or fax (813) 974-7535.
  7. An AmeriSys nurse case manager will obtain the results of the initial medical visit including diagnosis, treatment plan and any injury or illness-related restrictions. This information will be provided to the supervisor immediately after the initial medical visit. Be prepared to speak with the nurse case manager regarding return to work restrictions.
  8. Take prompt action to correct any safety hazards.

For questions regarding the workers’ compensation reporting process, contact HR Workers’ Compensation Administrator Meica Elridge at (813) 974-5775 or

Important Things to Know
  • Workers' Compensation pays for everything related to your work-related condition. Employees are entitled to receive medicine and medical supplies prescribed by an authorized physician at no cost to the employee.
  • Workers' Compensation is a type of insurance provided for you by your employer to cover medical costs and lost time due to a work-related injury or illness. At USF, covered employees include Faculty, Administration, Staff, FWSP, Graduate Assistants and Temporary employees, as well as Volunteers, who experience a work-related injury or illness.
  • The nearest Emergency Room for campus is Florida Hospital, 3100 E. Fletcher Avenue, 813-971-6000.
  • An injured student can proceed immediately to the Student Health Center. On occasion a student may be referred to a nearby medical facility for more extensive care or follow-up treatment.

Faculty Reporting of Outside Activity

From the link below: Outside Activity means "any private practice, private consulting, additional teaching or research or other activity, compensated or uncompensated, which is not part of the employee's assigned duties for which the University has provided no compensation."

Key and Card Access to Chemistry Buildings

Send requests to: Ryan Jahn
Requests must be sent by: Faculty Member
Information Needed: Individual's full name, building and room numbers.
Undergraduate Access: Given for one semester at a time; new requests must be sent each semester to renew access.
NMR Access: Faculty member must send request to Dr. Rivera for approval. Dr. Rivera will forward approval to Ryan Jahn.
Mass Spec: Faculty member must send request to Dr. Kumar for approval. Dr. Kumar will forward approval to Ryan Jahn.
Turnaround Time: Please allow the the office at least 48 hours to process your request. Card access is immediate when granted. The key shop has to cut the keys, which takes about 48 hours during off-peak times. At the start of the semester, it could take up to a week.
Picking Up Keys: When the keys are ready to be picked up, the key shop will send an email and a postcard to the person for whom the keys were ordered. The person will then need to take their USF ID to the key shop, located next door to the USF Post Office.

Obtaining and Using Your PCard

Please use the below form for all P-Card purchases. Instructions for P-Card usage are also listed.

Research Resources


The USF Travel Program provides all travel related forms for download from their website. Starting July 1, 2003 when traveling, please use these forms. NOTE: The forms available for download at The USF Travel Program's website are currently not up-to-date. Please use the forms listed below.

Undergraduate Course Contracts

Starting fall semester 2007 please use the revised forms.


The following three forms need to be filled out when you have volunteers working in your lab.  Please keep a copy of the three forms and submit a copy to the Department attention Ryan Jahn.  The Department will then submit a copy to EH&S and HR.  All three forms must be completed!

Additional information can be found at the Office of Facilities, Safety and Security web page.