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Proper Safety Attire

Safety is the number one priority in the General Chemistry Laboratories at USF. Read all of the following items carefully. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask your instructor for clarifications.

Safety Attire Image Lab Coat: Wear your lab coat at all times in laboratories (including lab presentations or examinations) to prevent incidental and unexpected chemical exposures to your skin and clothing. The lab coat must be wrist-fitted. Keep the lab coat buttoned at all times.
	Eye Protection: Splash goggles that meet OSHA approved ANSI Z87.1 standard must be worn over by all persons at all times in the laboratory. Safety glasses, with or without side-shields are not an acceptable substitute. Contact lenses should not be worn during the lab period. 
	Foot wear: Shoes must be worn at all times while in the laboratory, regardless of the experiment or curricular activity. Shoes must totally cover your feet up to the ankles, no skin should be shown. Socks do not constitute a cover replacement for shoes. Sandals, backless and open toed shoes are unacceptable. 
	Clothing: Clothing like pants or skirts must be worn which completely covers the entire leg from the waist to the ankle. Clothing like shirt, blouse, etc. must be worn which completely covers the torso from the waist to the neck. Shoulders must be completely covered and sleeves must be worn that cover the arm from the shoulder to at halfway to the elbow. Tank tops, halters, shorts, cutoffs, etc. are not acceptable. 
	Hair: if hair is long it must be tied back.