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Welcome to the University of South Florida (USF) Department of Chemistry Virtual Tour

We are located in six buildings that we share with members of other departments,an arrangement that promotes cooperation and interdisciplinary research, a tradition that started with the opening of USF in 1960.
The buildings are Chemistry, Science Center, Bioscience Facility, Natural and Environmental Science, the Interdisciplinary Science Teaching and Research Building, and the Interdisciplinary Research Building in the Research Park.

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  1. Opening Scenes
  2. Chemistry Building
  3. Science Center
  4. Bioscience Facility
  5. Natural and Environmental Science
  6. Interdisciplinary Science Teaching and Research Building
  7. Interdisciplinary Research Building
  8. Acknowledgments

Walking Tour

The elements as science, art and comfort

Twelve elements were arranged as places (concrete “toadstools”) where students sit between classes on nice days among the shady oak trees in an area bounded by Chemistry, Bioscience Facility, and Science Center. A periodic table may be observed among the ferns (behind the viewer..

Elemental stools

Carbon “Toadstool”

A closer view showing one of a dozen elements represented showing the electrons, protons, neutrons with Atomic Number 6.

Let's look at the first building in the group...