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The State-of-the-Future: The Interdisciplinary Science Teaching and Research Building

This seven-story building, the largest on campus, is under construction with an opening anticipated for August, 2011. It will have two 300-seat classrooms, additional smaller classrooms and laboratories, and will be occupied in part by Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Chemistry will have an NMR facility that will accommodate three of the Department’s NMRs as well as teaching facilities, which include a General Chemistry teaching laboratory that can accommodate 24 students at one time, a large Organic Chemistry teaching laboratory that can accommodate 36 students at one time, a technicians office, and two preparatory laboratories..

Looking ahead, here is what we would plan to see in the NMR Core facility (presently housed in the Life Science Annex, near SCA near SCA as well as in NES 231 and CHE 113)…

NMR Core Facility

Dr. Edwin Rivera , Research Assistant Professor, and Director, NMR Facility

Edwin  Rivera

The facility has the following equipment available for use by approved users

  • Varian UnityInova500 spectrometer
  • Varian UnityInova400 spectrometer
  • Varian vxr300 spectrometer
  • DRX 250 spectrometer
  • UnityInova 600 spectrometer *
  • Direct Drive 500 spectrometer

*Additional Funds for purchase of this instrument were provided by the Office of Research & Innovation (Dr. Karen A. Holbrook, Sr. Vice President) and by Dr. Robert Deschenes ( Chair, Department of Molecular Medicine and holder of the Fred Wright Endowed Chair of Cancer Biology.)

The 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer has a warning to persons with pacemakers

The 600 Mhz NMR spectrometer

After this we want to take a short walk back to the South Side of the Science Center

The IDRB is a three- block walk south and on the other side of Alumni drive. Let's take the walkway past the Science Center's south side, and head for the first year dorms along the walkway. Turn left at the street, cross Alumni Drive, and walk ~ 1 block east to IDRB...