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Course Evaluations

The Department of Chemistry strictly enforces pre-requisites for ALL chemistry courses. If you have met the pre-requisites for a chemistry course but receive an error message when registering, you may need a permit in order to register for the course.

Pre-requisites that were taken at private or out-of-state institutions must be evaluated for equivalency to the USF pre-requisite by the academic department that offers the course. Any chemistry transfer courses must be evaluated by the Department of Chemistry at the request of the student. To request a course evaluation, submit a scanned copy of the syllabus to the online course evaluation form. Your request will be emailed to the advisors and they will notify you once the evaluation is completed. Course evaluations can take up to two weeks; therefore, please do not request a permit until your course evaluations are completed!

If you are having diffculty locating an old syllabus, the department at your previous instituion may have an archive of syllabi from past semesters. Please contact your previous institution and request an electronic copy of the syllabus from the semester and year in which you completed the course. If the institution does not have a syllabus on file from the term in which you took the course, we will need an official letter from the department (on official letterhead) by mail, stating that they do not have a syllabus from that term. However, if the institution is able to provide a syllabus from an alternative semester, they must indicate in their official letter that the content included in the syllabus is the same content taught in the course during the term in which you took the course.

Click on the following link to request an evaluation of any out-of-state or private school chemistry courses. You must have a scanned copy of your syllabus ready before you click on this link:

Chemistry Course Evaluation Request Form

Please note that some Chemistry courses have pre-requisites that are not Chemistry courses, and you will need to have those courses evaluated as well. Detailed information regarding all pre-requisites for the Chemistry Department can be located by clicking this link: Chemistry Pre-Requisite List.

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