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The Bioscience Facility

The Bioscience Facility (BSF) is a multi-purpose facility with research laboratories and offices for those interested in Biochemistry, Natural Products, and Polymer Chemistry, as well as some of the Analytical Chemistry Division (third floor). Biology laboratories are housed in first floor wings.

Faculty members here: Dr's. Baker, Cai, Harmon, Li, Merkler, Ming, Potter, Rivera, Weldegirma, Zhang.


Bio-Science Facility Building - Technology Classrooms

BSF Building

BSF Building
BSF 100 Copyright © 2010 University of South Florida

The upper view shows the north entrance, and the lower picture shows the auditorium wing (left), which houses a lecture hall that will seat about 220 persons.

Enter the north side entrance (see below):

From the north, south (above, lower picture), or east entrance, you will arrive at student lounge where you can relax (if you have the time) and sip a soft drink from the machine or eat a snack...

Take the elevator or the stairs to the third floor that houses chemistry faculty offices, as well as a conference room and laboratories...

Here on the third floor, take the time to look in BSF 321, a conference room used for group meetings, practice sessions and committee meetings...

Continuing on to one of the two “wing” hallways would lead to laboratories occupied by organic chemists (drug design, natural products), and those interested in polymer chemistry. (Note USF recycles paper, cans, plastics)…

Turning down the other hallway, we come to Dr. Xiao (Sheryl) Li’s laboratories

The long-term goal of this facility is to understand both qualitatively and quantitatively chemical composition, structure and interactions in biological systems down to single cells or even to the molecular level.

Dr. Rongfu Huang using a hood in Dr. Li’s Laboratory

Sungyub Han is about to use an inverted microscope coupled with a scanning electrochemical microscope.

Michael Macintosh is using an electrode puller for the manufacture of an ultra electrode

Time is moving on, so let’s return to the first floor, exit BSF, walk north on the sidewalk and visit…