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The Chemistry Building

This three-story building was one of the first five when USF –Tampa opened in September 1960. At the time it was occupied by all departments, as a charter faculty member in Chemistry said, “You could get a pretty good education walking down the hallways.“ The building was extensively renovated in 2006. It now has facilities for Geology, classrooms, and houses Chemistry Administration offices.

Faculty members here: Dr's. Guida, Meisels Lewis and Sandi-Urena.


Chemistry Building - Technology Classrooms (A view from the south with the Warner Garden to your back)

Chemistry Lecture Halls

This is the south view of the building with the iconic sunscreens on the right. Initially everything was painted white. Following the innovation, Building trim was painted a characteristic rose. Enter through the ramp seen in the center and bear left for CHE 100, the large lecture hall, in the background (see views below) or bear right for the first floor classrooms or take the stairs for the administrative offices (second floor, right).

If you entered and went right (through the first door), you would see:

CHE 102

Image, CHE 102.

Room CHE 102 has a capacity of 55 persons, and features a Teaching Station with AV equipment, all maintained by USF Classroom Technology Services

Teaching Station

Image, teaching station CHE 102.

If you entered and went left you would see:

Chemistry exterior - North side


Chemistry building patio (from north) with Theodore Askounes Ashford Lecture hall (on right), named after USF’s first full professor of chemistry. Mural conceived by local artist Jose Testa-Secca.

CHE 100 – Dr. Theodore Askounes Ashford Lecture Hall


This room, named in honor of USF’s first full professor of Chemistry, holds just over 200 students. A useful feature are the numbered seats that allow lecturers to verify student attendance and response to short quizzes using electronic “clickers”. Another useful feature is the large periodic table that was initiated by former professor Dr. Jesse Stone Binford, Jr.


If you entered and went up the stairs, then turned left and went through the hall door, you would see Chemistry Offices (on your left):

Chemistry Administration, CHE 205

A suite of offices on the second floor provide the reception area, the office of the Department Chair, Assistant Chair, and Business Manager, as well as a work room housing office equipment. Other personnel are housed in adjacent offices. The members of an advising cadre are also housed in adjacent offices.

The offices of Computational Chemistry groups are located on the right(south side) Of the hallway.

Chemistry Conference Room CHE 201 (down the hall on your left)


A conference room used for faculty meetings small seminars, research group meetings, and informal gatherings. Side walls have 14 plaques honoring significant chemists (please see below).

If you looked at one on the east wall, you would see:

Plaque honoring Gertrude Elion

She shared the 1988 Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine. Her major achievements included development of drugs to treat leukemia, gout, and herpes, as well as to prevent rejection in organ transplants. She received an honorary D.Sc. from USF in June 1993.

If we went to the third floor (east side) we would see additional classrooms, Staff offices, and the Coalition for Science Literacy (Professor of Chemistry Gerry Meisels is the Director).

Return to the Chemistry Building entrance and walk and a bit west to...