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The NES (Natural and Environmental Sciences) Building.

Before entering NES, take a moment to notice the artwork on east facade of NES This is part of The Art in State Building Program


By law, a certain portion of the construction cost of each building goes to support the cost of public art displayed with that building. [Photo courtesy Adrienne McCain]

This four-story building, completed in 2005, houses organic chemists, as well as the Department of Geography. One of the core facilities is on the fourth floor. General Chemistry labs are located on the first floor, organic chemistry, analytical, and physical chemistry laboratories are located on the second floor.


Faculty members here: Dr's. Antilla, Bisht, Kumar, McLaughlin, Turos.

Natural and Environmental Sciences (NES )Building

As you enter the front doors from the east, you’ll see on your right a meeting room (NES 101)

View of campus from meeting room: 2008 Castle Research Conference: Student Organizing Committee Ms. Laura Anderson (member), Ms. Emma Farrell (co-chair), Dr. Schramm, Albert Einstein School of Medicine (Plenary Lecturer), Ms. Chunyan Wang (co-chair) and Ms. Jamie Heimbegner (member).

Also on the first floor on the west side of the building , take time to look at the General Chemistry laboratories, perhaps with Mr. John Seals, M.S., Laboratory Manager and see…

A general chemistry laboratory before the start of a new term

Next, go directly above these laboratories and see

Organic chemistry laboratories have fully functional hoods for each bench

Now it is time to go one floor up and visit

The Third floor -Organic Chemistry with Selected CMD5 laboratories

Mission : The discovery, design, synthesis and development of new drug lead compounds and drug delivery modes for the prevention and cure of human diseases.

Dr. Bill Baker, Professor of Chemistry, and a natural products chemist is Center Director.

CMD5 Flyer

It’s a short walk (south) down the hallway with a terrific view on your left…

The third and fourth floor corridors have places for students to rest, work, and hold gatherings. They also border the east side of organic chemistry research laboratories.

These students are doing organic chemistry research and the picture on the left shows Jordany Maignan (left) and Niles Gunsalus (right) working at a fume hood and the picture on the right shows Cynthia Lichorowic setting up a reaction. .

Now it’s time to go to the fourth floor and visit

The Peptide/MS Core Facility

The Peptide/Mass Spectrometry core is equipped with an Agilent LC/MSD VL, Agilent LC/TOF, a Bruker Autoflex MALDI-TOF, Applied Biosystems 433A Peptide Synthesizer , as well as Dionex Summit Preparatory and Analytical scale HPLCs, Agilent Technologies LC/MSD VL , and Aviv 215 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer.

Rates (in-house, State-supported, other) are available on the Web page and are competitive .

Bruker Autoflex MALDI-TOF

Peptide Synthesizer with Dr. Kumar (Laboratory Director) and Assistant, Phil Murray.

While we’re on the fourth floor let’s visit another lab…

Dr. Kirpal Bisht’s research is concerned with efficient and environmentally friendly synthetic routes towards synthesis of polymers for biodegradable applications; Stereo controlled synthesis/modification of molecules that serve as precursors to biologically active molecule, i.e., unnatural amino acids, sugars, etc.; Regio and stereo-selective synthesis of multi-arm dendrimers by chemo/enzymatic routes.

We saw a couple of his graduate advisees…

Graduate student Demetrios Pantages and Master’s candidate Ali Husain.

Down to the ground floor and it’s off to see …