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Kirpal  Bisht

Kirpal Bisht

Kirpal Bisht
Associate Professor


Office: NES 408B
Phone: 813/974-0350
Lab: NES 407



Ph.D., University of Delhi, 1995


Efficient and environmentally friendly synthetic routes towards synthesis of polymers for biodegradable applications; Stereo controlled synthesis/modification of molecules that serve as precursors to biologically active molecule, i.e., unnatural amino acids, sugars, etc.; Regio and stereo-selective synthesis of multi-arm dendrimers by chemo/enzymatic routes.

Current Funding

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Graduate Students

Ali Husain, Arthur Maknenko

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
94242CHM 4230001Spect. Anal. of Org. Compds


ISA 3048

80167CHM 4970004Undergraduate Research
Requires Instructor Approval S-U Only


94241CHM 6235001Spect. Anal. of Organic Compds


ISA 3048

80171CHM 6936001Chemistry Colloquium
With emphasis on Drug Discoveries S-U Only


NES 104

90927CHM 6971004Thesis: Master's
S-U Only


84810CHM 6973004Directed Research
S-U Only


80188CHM 7820004Directed Research
S-U Only


84824CHM 7980004Dissertation: Doctoral
Adm To Doc Candidacy Req, S-U Only


Recent Publications


  1. Cyclic Ester Ring-Opened Oligomers and Methods of Preparation. Richard A. Gross, Kirpal S. Bisht, David L. Kaplan, Graham Swift and Fang Deng. US Patent Patent # 5,981,743 issued November 9, 1999.
  2. Treatment of Cancer with Chemically-modified Sophorolipids. Richard A. Gross, Kirpal S. Bisht, Carmen Scholtz, Sashi Mehta, Vladimir Guilmanov, and Robert Nicolosi. US Patent Application 60/092,446 filed on July 10, 1998.
  3. Patent Application: "Farnesylamine derivatives and method of use" Ravi Kothapalli and Kirpal Bisht. US Patent Application 60/917,861 filed on May 14, 2007.


  1. Under Preparation / Submitted: A novel approach to manipulation of the cavity size in cavitands. Sumedh Parulkar, Kirankirti Muppala, Frank R Fronczek, and Kirpal S. Bisht. Journal of Organic Chemistry. Submission planned June 2007.
  2. Synthesis of Resorcin[4]arene Cavitands by Ring Closing Metathesis. Sumedh N. Parulekar, Kirankirti Muppalla, Frank R. Fronczek and Kirpal S. Bisht. Chemical Communications, 2007, DOI:10.1039/ B712981E (in press).
  3. Novel synthesis and polymerization of protected dihydroxy 7-member cyclic carbonate. Ruizhi Wu and Kirpal S Bisht. Polymer Preprints (American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry), 2007, 48(1), 240-241.
  4. Pd(0) catalyzed intramolecular alkylation: Stereoselective synthesis of furan and isoxazoline-2-oxide analogs. Pasha Khan, Ruizhi Wu, and Kirpal Bisht, Tetrahedron, 2007, 63, 1116-1126.
  5. Synthesis of glycolipid analogs via highly regioselective macrolactonization catalyzed by lipase. Kirpal S. Bisht, Surbhi Bhatt, and Kirankirti Muppalla Tetrahedron Letters, 2006, 47, 8645-8649.
  6. Enantioenriched substituted polycaprolactones by enzyme catalysis. In Polymer Biocatalysis and Biomaterials. Kirpal S. Bisht; Leelakrishna Kondaveti; Jon Stewart. ACS symposium series 900, (2005), 366-392.
  7. Effective heterogeneous hydrolysis of phosphodiester by pyridine-containing metallopolymers. Ahmed I. Hanafy, Vasiliki Lykourinou-Tibbs, Kirpal S. Bisht, and Li-June Ming. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2005, 358(4), 1247-1252.
  8. Synthesis of polyhydroxy cavitands and intramolecular inclusion of their octaester derivatives. Eric Efrain Dueno and Kirpal S. Bisht. Tetrahedron, 2004, 60 (48), 10859-10868.
  9. A chemo-enzymatic synthesis of Imperanene via Enzymatic Asymmetrization of an Intermediary 1,3-diol. Jason Carr and Kirpal S. Bisht. Organic Letters, 2004, 6, 3297-3300.
  10. Intramolecular inclusion in novel octaester cavitands. Eric Dueno and Kirpal S, Bisht. Chemical Communications, 2004, 954-955.
  11. Lipase-catalyzed resolution of racemic substituted ß-Aryl- ß-Lactams. Jason A. Carr, Talal F Al-Azemi, Timothy E. Long, Jeung-Yeop Shim, Cristina A. Coates, Edward E. Turos, and Kirpal S. Bisht. Tetrahedron, 2003, 59, 9147-9160.
  12. Lipase catalyzed Regioselective transesterification in peracylated sophorolipids catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase-B. Jason A. Carr and Kirpal S. Bisht. Tetrahedron, 2003, 59, 7713-7724.
  13. A MALDI, TGA, TG/MS, and DEA study of the irradiation effects on PMMA. S. R. Tatro, G. R. Baker, Kirpal S. Bisht and J. P. Harmon. Polymer, 2003, 44, 167-176.
  14. Solventless enantioelective ring-opening polymerization of substituted e- caprolactones by enzymatic catalysis. Talal F. Al Azemi, Leelakrishna Kondaveti, and Kirpal S. Bisht. Macromolecules, 2002, 35, 3380-86.
  15. One-step synthesis of polycarbonates bearing pendant functional groups by ring opening polymerization. Talal F. Al Azemi and Kirpal S. Bisht. Journal of Polymer Science-A: Polymer Chemistry , 2002, 40, 1267-1274.
  16. Lipase-catalyzed solvent-free kinetic resolution of substituted racemic e- caprolactones. Leelakrishna Kondaveti, Talal F. Al Azemi, and Kirpal S. Bisht. Tetrahedron Asymmetry, 2002, 13, 129-35.
  17. Functional polycarbonates synthesis: Enzymatic approach. Talal F. Al-Azemi, and Kirpal S. Bisht. In Biocatalysis in Polymer Science, ACS, Washington, DC, (2002), Ch. 14 , 156-171.
  18. Synthesis of novel bis- and tris-(cyclic carbonate)s and their use in preparation of polymer networks. Talal F. Al Azemi and Kirpal S. Bisht. Polymer, 2002, 43, 2161-67.
  19. Novel poly(carbonate) and poly(carbonate-ester) networks. Talal F. Al Azemi and Kirpal S. Bisht. Polymer Prep, 2002, 43(1), 613-614.
  20. Chiral polyesters by in-vitro enzymatic catalysis. Talal F. Al Azemi and Kirpal S. Bisht. Polymer Prep, 2002, 43(1), 704-705.
  21. The synthesis and polymerization of glycolipid-based monomers. Kirpal S. Bisht and Richard A. Gross. In ACS Symposium Series # 786 Biopolymers from Polysaccharides and Agroproteins, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., (2001), Ch. 14, 222-239.
  22. Synthesis of novel polycarbonates containing pendant carboxyl groups by enzyme catalysis. Talal F. Al-Azemi, Kirpal S. Bisht. Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, 2001, 84, 1045-46.
  23. Enzyme-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Copolymerization of 5-Methyl-5- benzyloxycarbonyl-1,3-dioxan-2-one (MBC) with Trimethylene carbonate (TMC): Synthesis and Characterization. Talal F Al-Azemi, Julie P. Harmon and Kirpal S. Bisht. Biomacromolecules, 2000, 1, 493-500.
  24. Glycolipids from Candida bombicola: Polymerization of a 6-O-acryloyl sophorolipid derivative. Kirpal S. Bisht, Wei Gao and Richard A. Gross. Macromolecules, 2000, 33, 6208-6210.
  25. Functional polycarbonate synthesis: Enzymatic approach. Kirpal S. Bisht and Talal F. Al Azemi. Proc. Am. Chem. Soc.: Polymer Preprints, 2000, 41, 1865-66.