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Juan  Del Valle

Juan Del Valle

Juan Del Valle
Associate Professor


Office: NES 331A
Phone: 813/974-7306



B.S., Carleton College, 1999
Ph.D., UC San Diego, 2004
Advisor: Murray Goodman
Postdoc, Université de Montréal 2004-2006
Advisor: Stephen Hanessian


Peptidomimetic, Medicinal and Bio-organic Chemistry

Starting from biologically active peptides and small molecules, our lab engages in the design and organic synthesis of new compounds to address current challenges in drug discovery and molecular recognition. We are especially interested in the development of new molecular 'prosthetics' and 'orthotics' to stabilize canonical peptide folds. Active projects include (1) the synthesis of various beta-strand peptidomimetics for the disruption of disease-relevant protein-protein interactions, (2) the development of small molecule inhibitors of ER stress response for the treatment of cancer, and (3) the syntheses of biologically active non-ribosomal peptide natural products and natural product-like scaffolds. For more information, please visit or lab website at: http://delvallelab.weebly.com

Graduate Students

Christopher Cain, Yassin Elbatrawi, Kyle Pedretty, Benjamin Rathman, Matthew Sarnowski, Khalilia Tillett