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Xueji  Zhang

Xueji Zhang

Xueji Zhang
Courtesy Professor


Phone: 941/209-1314
Fax: 941/371-2534


Personal Bio



EMBA class, MIT, 2003-2006
Postdoctoral Research, New Mexico State University, 1998-99
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, 1997-98
National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia, 1995-97
Ph.D., Wuhan University, 1994
B.S., Wuhan University, 1989


Bio-analysis, electrochemical sensors and biosensors, microelectrodes, ultramicroelectrodes and nanoelectrodes, nanosensors, free radical sensors, nitric oxide sensors, cancer diagnostic, design and application of biomedical instrumentation.

Other Info

Sr. Vice President of Science, World Precision Instruments, Inc. (

Associate Editor of Frontiers in Bioscience (
Associate Editor of American Journal of Biomedical Sciences (

Member of Editorial Board:
Medical Science Monitor (
Sensors (
Archives of Medical Science (

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Recent Publications



  1. Nanometer-sized ultramicroelectrodes and ultramicrosensors, Xueji Zhang, Wumig Zhang, Xingyao Zhou, Chinese Invent Patent, ZL 94 1 04755.5. International Patent Catalogue No: G01N 27/30.
  2. Methods and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of respiratory, cardiac, and other pathologies, Harry Fein, Xueji Zhang, GB2414183 Nov. 23, 2005.
  3. Methods and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of respiratory, cardiac, and other pathologies, Harry Fein, Xueji Zhang, US Patent 6,749,834, Date of Patent: June 15, 2004.
  4. Microsensors for glucose and insulin monitoring, Joseph Wang, Xueji Zhang, Fang Lu, US patent, No. 6,893,552, Date of patent: May 17, 2005.
  5. Methods and devices for therapeutic treatment of cardiac and other pathologies, Harry Fein, Xueji Zhang, PCT Int. Appl. (2004), 30 pp. CODEN: PIXXD2 WO 2004054432 A2 20040701
  6. Nitric oxide sensor, Xueji Zhang, US Patent application serial No. 09/546,488 (filed on April 10, 2002).
  7. Methods and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of respiratory, cardiac, and other pathologies, Harry Fein, Xueji Zhang, US Patent Pub No. US2004/0197274 AL, Pub Date: Oct. 7, 2004.
  8. Needle-type dual microsensor for the simultaneous monitoring of glucose and insulin, Joseph Wang, Xueji Zhang, US patent application serial No. 60/267,811.(Attorney docket No. 37000-0103)
  9. Method for measurement of S-nitrosothiols using HPLC coupled with electrochemical nitric oxide detector, Xueji Zhang, Victor Daley-Usmar, US provisional patent.
  10. A sensor for measurement of hydrogen sulfide, Xueji Zhang, David Kraus, Patent WO2006047086, EP20050808453, publication date: 07/25/2007.
  11. Novel Hydrogen sulfide electrochemical sensor with low nanomolar detection limit for biomedical research, Xueji Zhang, David, Kraus, US Provisional patent.
  12. Enzymatic method for detecting a sulfur containing amino acid using an electrochemical sensor, Xueji Zhang, Dong Zhao, Tsan Zon Liu, E.C. Chan, US patent 20080164156, July 10, 2008.

Selected publications (from 100 papers)

  1. Potential oxidative stress of gold nanoparticles by induced-NO increasing in serum, Hongying Jia, , Lu Huan, Libo Du, Qiu Yian, Yuanchaao, Xu, Yang Liu, Xueji Zhang, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131(1) 40-41.
  2. Electrochemical sensors, biosensors and their biomedical applications (Total 17 chapters, 616 pages), Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Joseph Wang, Elsevier, 2008.
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  5. Trends in cell-based electrochemical biosensors, Lin Ding, Dan Du, Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2008, 15(30), 3160-3170.
  6. Ethanol amperometric biosensor based on copolymerization of alcohol oxidase and thionine-carbon nanofiber composite, Lina Wu, Mike Macintosh, Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Talanta, 2007, 74, 387-392.
  7. Highly sensitive sensor for dissolved oxygen based on carbon nanofiber modified electrode and its application in rapid amperometric detection of oxidase substrate, Lina Wu, Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2007, 23, 479-484.
  8. A biocompatible conductive architecture of carbon nanofiber doped chitosan prepared with controllable electrodeposition for cytosensing, Chen Hao, Lin Ding, Xueji Zhang, Huangxian, Ju, Anal. Chem. 2007, 79(12), 4442-4447.
  9. Highly sensitive detection of NADH and Ethanol based on catalytical activity of soluble carbon nanofiber with low overpotential, Lina Wu, Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Anal. Chem. 2007 79(2), 453-458.
  10. Implantable Electrochemical sensors for Biomedical and clinical applications: progress, problems and future possibilities, Changming Li, Hua Dong, Xiaodong Cai, John H. T. Luong, Xueji Zhang, Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2007, 14(8), 937-951.
  11. A Novel enzymatic method for determination of homocysteine using electrochemical hydrogen sulfide sensor, Dong Zhao, Tsao Zon Liu, E.C. Chan, Harry Fein, Xueji Zhang, Frontiers in Bioscience, 2007, 12, 3774-3780.
  12. Highly sensitive flow injection detection of hydrogen peroxide with high throughput using a carbon nanofiber modified electrode, Lina Wu, Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Analyst, 2007, 132, 406-408.
  13. Comparison of methione a, g-lyase and homocysteine a, g-lyase in determination of homocysteine by electrochemical method, Dong Zhao, Mike McIntosh, Harry Fein, Xueji Zhang, Electroanalysis, 2007, 10, 1075-1083.
  14. The Principles, Development, and application of microelectrodes for the in vivo determination of nitric oxide, Mike Serpe, Xueji Zhang, in Electrochemical Methods in Neuroscience, Ed, Adrian C. Michael, CRC press, 2006, 465-488.
  15. In situ electrochemical immunoassay of surface P-glycoprotein by K62/ADM cell immobilization on gold nanoparticle-chitosan matrix, Dan Du, Huangxian Ju, Xueji Zhang, Jing Chen, Chen Hao, Lin Ding, Jie Cai, Hongyuan Chen. Biochemistry, 2005, 44, 11539-11545.
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  28. Cathophoresis paint insulated carbon fiber ultramicro disk electrode and its application to in-vivo amperometric monitoring of quantal secretion from single rat melanotrophs, Xueji Zhang, Bozidar Ogorevc, M. Rupnic, M. Kreft, R. Zorec, Anal. Chim., Acta ,1999, 378,135-143.
  29. Glucose nanosensor based on Prussian Blue modified carbon fiber cone nanoelectrode and an integrated reference electrode, Xueji Zhang, Joseph Wang, Bozidar Ogorevc, Ursula E Spichiger, Electroanalysis, 1999,11(13),945-949.
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