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Graduate Student Awards

The Martin Travel Endowment

This award is funded by an endowment established by Barbara and Dean Martin, and its stated purpose is “to provide monies to enable graduate students in the Department of Chemistry at the University of South Florida to travel to approved scientific meetings to enhance their educational experience.”

2018 Winners: Nicole Avalon, Christopher Cain, Aaron Clark, Yassin Elbatrawi, Stephanie Feola, Rebecca Gibbons, S M Anisul Islam, Wishrawana Sarathi Ratnayake, and Bo Song

2017 Winners: Yassin Elbatrawi, Anne-Claire Limon, Jacob Mayers, Andrew Shilling, Bo Song, Santana Thomas

2016 Winners: Fiona Kearns, Anne-Claire Limon, Li Ye, Matthew Knestrick

2015 Winners: Danielle Demers, Douglas Franz, Jacqueline Fries, Phillip Hudson, Matthew Knestrick, Jingyi Wang

2014 Winners: Danielle Demers, Kristin Jeffries, Yujuan Liu, Christopher Witkowski

2013 Winners: Arthur Maknenko, Janelle Arjoon, Adrian Villata-Cerdas, Yaqiong Li, Linda Barbeto, Daniel Dempsy

Spring 2012 Award Recipients

Alexiou Award in Environmental Chemistry

This Award (currently $500) comes from the interest on an endowment created by Nicholas G Alexiou, M.D., M.P.H., and will be awarded annually starting in 2002 to a deserving graduate student doing research in Environmental Chemistry. Applicants should provide their advisor's name, their educational background, as well as graduate courses taken, GPA, summary of their research, and the significance of their research to Environmental Chemistry. Four copies should be provided to the Department Graduate Studies office by 5 p.m. of the March deadline date.

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2018 Briana Aguila
2017 Douglas M. Franz
2016 Emre Seyyal
2015 Matthew Knestrick
2014 Tony Pham
2011 No award given
2010 No award given
2009 Dorina Sava
2008 Scott Segro
2007 Harish Kumar Maleh
2006 Jarrod Eubank
2005 Vasiliki Lykourinou-Tibbs
2004 Young Chul Park
2003 No award given
2002 Melissa Foster Evans

The George Bursa Award

The George Bursa Award ($1000), supported by an endowment as a memorial to Mrs. Barbara B. Martin's father, is given annually to a deserving graduate student in Chemistry, who has demonstrated notable professional dedication and consideration for others. Applications should be submitted to the Department Graduate Studies Office by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2018 Brian O’Flynn
2017 Elizabeth Yancey
2016 Alekhya Nimmagadda
2015 Danielle Demers
2014 Hasnaa Mouttaki
2011 Jeremy Beau
2010 Michelle Cortes-Salva
2009 Jason Perman
2008 Mathew Lebar,
Gerald B. Rowland
2007 Pasha M. Khan
2006 Giordano da Silva,
John J. Perry IV
2005 Russell DeVane
2004 Jarrod F. Eubank,
Greg McManus
2003 No award given
2002 Angela Perry
2001 Eric Dueno
2000 Ralph N. Salvatore,
Melissa Derby
1999 Jay P. Parrish
1998 Eileen Perez
1997 Mark Swanson

Theodore and Venette Askounes Ashford Doctoral Fellowship in Chemistry

The Ashford Graduate Fellowship ($1000) is funded by an endowment established by the first full Professor of Chemistry at USF, Dr. Theodore Askounes Ashford, and his wife, Venette Askounes Ashford. Eligible graduate students can apply and are recommended by their advisor and other faculty members. The selection is made by a sub-committee of the Graduate Council, and is based on several criteria, including GPA, achievements, progress, good citizenship, and the understanding that the student will be present for at least one more academic year, to serve as an example to others. Applications should be submitted to the Department Graduate Studies Office by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2018 Ying He
Zachary Shultz
2017 Adam Aboalroub
Briana Aguila
2016 Fiona Kerns
Boliang Dong
2015 Phillip Hudson
2014 Matthew Chrzanowski
Yaqiong Li
Jacqueline Fries
2011 Shawn Larson
2010 Jason Perman
2009 Kimberly B. Fields
2008 Dorina Sava
2007 Jarrod F. Eubank
2006 Giordano da Silva
2005 Gregory J. McManus
2004 Christina Ridley
2003 Jianjiang Lu
2002 Talal Al-Azemi
2001 Brian Moulton
2000 Jay Parrish
1999 Hyun Park
1998 Maria T. Gallardo
1997 No award given
1996 Craig Bertoilucci
1995 Patricia Bertolucci
1994 Xiangdong Wei
1993 Kevin F. Shannon
1992 No award given
1991 Roberto J. Rubini
1990 Greg Buczynski
1989 Jason P. Rife
1988 Charles N. Moorefield
1987 William A. Glauser
1986 George P. Cobb
1985 Andrew S. Zektzer
1984 William B. Martin
1983 Jack H. Linn

Barbara B. Martin Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

The award is supported by the interest from an endowment established in December, 2007 in honor of Mrs. Martin. The purpose of the award is to provide support to a graduate student in chemistry who expresses an interest in an academic career following the awarding of an earned doctorate. Preference may be given to female applicants owing to their under-representation in this field. If the fellowship is not awarded in a given year, the monies will be rolled over to the next year or until an award can be made to a suitable candidate. Applications should be submitted to the Department Graduate Studies Office by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

Further details will be announced at a later time.

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2018 Anne-Claire Limon
Ma Su
2017 Olapeju Bolarinwa
2016 Li Ye
2015 Sreya Mukherjee
2014 Kristen Jeffries
2013 Tarah Word
2012 Yao Chen
2011 Xue “Snow” Xu
2010 No Award Given
2009 Teresa Eckhart