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Current Student Listing

To learn more about each of our Graduate Students and to see what they are teaching this semester, please click on their name to be directed to their webpage.

See the entering class of: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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Abdulkadir, Sami  
Aboalroub, Adam  
Aguila, Briana  
Alanazi, Abdulaziz  
Alhendal, Abdullah  
Ambaye, George (Selamawi) sambaye@mail.usf.eduRogers, DavidPh.D.
Anderson, Ryan  
Avalon, Nicole neavalon@mail.usf.eduBaker, BillPh.D.
Ayodeji, Ifeoluwa  
Azbill, Nicole azbill@mail.usf.eduLarsen, RandyPh.D.
Bachman, Ashleigh  
Barbeto, Linda  
Binder, Grace   
Blume, Lindsay  
Bolarinwa, Olapeju  
Bommareddy, Raja Reddy  
Borja, Jennifer  
Bray, Elena  
Cain, Christopher  
Cerrato, Darrell  
Chen, Meng mengchen1@mail.usf.eduMa, ShengqianPh.D.
Clark, Aaron aaronclark1@mail.usf.eduRaker, JeffreyPh.D.
Craft, Garrett  
Crews, Jaret  
Danial, Linda Rose lindarose@mail.usf.eduvan der Vaart, ArjanPh.D.
Demers, Danielle  
Dong, Boliang  
Eduful, Benjamin  
El Batrawi, Yassin  
Feola, Stephanie sfeola@mail.usf.eduGelis, IoannisPh.D.
Forrest, Katherine  
Franz, Douglas  
Gibbons, Rebecca  
Giddings, Nicole  
Gide, Mussie  
Gray, Geoffrey  
Gunatilleke, Wilarachchige (Bhagya)  
Hagos, Selam  
Harding, Linette  
Harris, Taylor  
He, Ying  
Hogan, Adam  
Hosseyni, Seyedmorteza  
Hudson, Phillip  
Hughes, Alison  
Islam, Shahedul  
Islam, S.M. Anisul  
Izumi, Victoria  
Jedian, Jenin  
Jiang, Chenliang  
Jimoh, Abiola  
Johnson, Sean  
Johnson, Christopher  
Joshi, Chetan  
Julien, Tamalia  
Kanwar, Ankush  
Kearns, Fiona  
Kesani, Sheshanka  
Khandker, Khalid  
Knestrick, Matthew  
Kokkaliari, Sofia  
Lemus, Andrea  
Li, Yiming  
Limon, Anne-Claire  
Liu, Yujuan  
Ma, Ning  
Mahzamani, Faeez Sisan  
Maknenko, Arthur  
Mala, Minhphuong Ph.D.
Marasinghe Arachchilage, Imalka  
Martin, Jessica  
Mayers, Jacob  
McKeithan, Christopher  
Meng, Le  
Mercer, Allison  
Metcalf, Rainer  
Motika, Stephen  
Motsch, William  
Nimmagadda, Alekhya  
Nimmagadda, Sri Krishna  
Noor, Radwan Ebna  
Odom, Timothy todom1@mail.usf.eduCai, JianfengPh.D.
O'Flynn, Brian  
Pappas, George  
Pedretty, Kyle  
Peguero-Tejada, Alfredo  
Pierce, Amanda  
Pollard, Benjamin  
Rahman, Md Tawabur  
Ramani, Swetha  
Rathman, Benjamin  
Ratnayake, Wishrawana  
Rivera Nicholls, Alejandro  
Sakib, Mohammad Nazmus  
Sarnowski, Matthew  
Seyyal, Emre  
She, Fengyu  
Shen, Ning  
Shilling, Andrew  
Shultz, Zachary  
Shuniak, Constantine  
Singh, Sylvia  
Smalley, Tracess  
Smith, Courtney  
Song, Bo  
Song, Linxia  
Stackhouse, Chavis  
Su, Ma  
Suepaul, Shanelle  
Sun, Siqi  
Tang, Christian  
Thomas, Santana  
Tillett, Khalilia  
Tirado, Katrinah  
Tran, Long  
Tudor, Brant  
Turner, Erica  
Vardhan, Harsh  
Vazquez, Timothy  
Verma, Gaurav  
Vuppala, Sinduri  
Wang, Lei  
Wang, Xiaoliang wangx2@mail.usf.eduMa, ShengqianPh.D.
Wei, Chiyu  
Wei, Lulu  
White, Justin  
Williams, Kia  
Williams, Michael  
Woodroffe, Josanne-Dee  
Yancey, Elizabeth  
Yang, Bingjie  
Ye, Li  
Yuan, Teng  
Zumalt, Caitlin