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Welcome Aboard!

We are so excited that you will be joining the Department of Chemistry. We would like for you to have a smooth transition to USF so we’ve gathered information we believe will help with this process. Please use the tabs to navigate the topics. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our contact information is on the last tab, Who to Contact. Again, welcome!

    Sign and Return Your Offer Letter
    The Office of the Provost issues offer letters as contracts of employment. Each letter details salary and startup commitments as well as tenure status. These letters also provide information regarding bargaining agreement, law and policies related to your hire. The letter requests that your submit transcripts and complete a background check. The last paragraph includes a deadline for returning your signed letter.

    Complete the Background Check
    As part of its efforts to create a safe work and study environment, the USF System requires that a criminal history background check be conducted on prospective employees as a condition of employment. You will receive an email with details regarding how to proceed. Details

    Submit Your Transcripts
    You will need to arrange for three official transcripts for all graduate coursework completed and certifying the highest level of degree you’ve earned to be sent to USF.

    International Scholars – Initiate Required Visa Paperwork
    If you are an international scholar, please be in contact with Ryan Jahn as soon as you sign your offer letter so we can initiate the paperwork needed to secure or transfer your visa. International Services works with hiring departments and the non-immigrants they hire to determine the most appropriate non-immigrant visa for a particular position.

    Arrange for Your Move
    The payment of moving expenses, if approved in your offer letter, will be covered up to the agreed amount and is limited to moving the contents of a single residence. You must use a mover who is contracted with the State University System. You may also elect to rent a moving vehicle/trailer.
    Contact Information for Movers | USF Policies

    Conversation with the Department Chair
    Now that you have a signed offer letter, we recommend you begin developing detailed plans with Dr. Wayne Guida regarding what office and/or lab space you will be assigned and what you will need to get your research and/or teaching program started quickly upon your arrival.

    Conversation with the Business Manager
    Ryan Jahn will facilitate your move (if necessary) and coordinate your first few days on campus. He will inform you of the schedules for the mandatory orientations. He will help you complete the necessary paperwork and he will oversee the setup of your office. Please let him know what kind of computer you would like – a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop – as well as any specific office supplies you will need.

    Conversation with the Academic Program Staff
    If you will be teaching in your first semester, you will want to contact Christina Nelson, who serves as the Academic Program Coordinator for Chemistry. She can give you information about the course(s) you will be teaching and assist in setting up a new course if needed. Roberto Avergonzado, our Academic Program Specialist, will help you order textbooks, secure the appropriate classrooms and assign your classes to you in the online teaching system(s).

    Conversation with the Graduate Progam Staff
    Dr. Ed Turos and Christina Nelson serve as the Graduate Coordinators for Chemistry. This team can help you identify graduate students who may be a good fit with your research program.

    Notify Us of Your Arrival
    Please let Dr. Wayne Guida, the Chair, and Ryan Jahn, the Business Manager, know you’ve arrived so we can be available to help you and get smooth your first few days.

    International Scholars - Check-in with International Services
    International Scholars are required to check-in with International Services as soon as you arrive. This office is located in the Center for Global Solutions (CGS), Room 104. Details

    Attend RightStart@USF
    This is the process that facilitates the completion of new hire paperwork for all new employees. The program is designed to get employees off on the right foot by ensuring that necessary paperwork is completed on or before the employee’s first day of employment. Each newly hired employee will receive a professional and courteous welcome to USF and have their paperwork processed quickly and efficiently so they are ready to get started in their new position. This office is located in the Student Services (SVC), Room 2172.

    Get Your USF ID Card
    This is your official identification card at USF. It is required for everyone working and studying on campus. The card allows you access to the library systems and the busses. It is also the card you will use at security access points for entrance. You can assign money to the card so you can use it to pay for meals on campus. There is a $10 fee for the card. Details

    Setup Your NetID
    The NetID is your user ID at the University. Students, faculty, and staff are automatically eligible to obtain a NetID. With its associated password, the NetID allows you access to a variety of online services offered at the entire University system. Details

    Setup Your Email & Network Access
    As soon as you have your NetID established, please see Ryan Jahn. He will submit the request to IT to create your email account and forest network access. Your email address will be your NetID With your NetID and password, you will be able to log onto all university computers. Your forest network account will enable you to access share folders to which you’ve been given access. At setup, you will be given a private network share folder. As faculty, you can also request share folders for your research group.

    Order Your Keys and Building Access
    Please see Ryan Jahn, for keys and building access. He will place an order with the campus key shop for any keys you need. He will also activate your card for access entry points. Card access will be available immediately. The key shop has to cut the keys, which takes about 48 hours during off-peak times. At the start of the semester, it could take up to a week.

    Welcome to USF: New Employee Orientation
    The Welcome to USF orientation program is for new employees, presented by Human Resources, HR Organizational Development, Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Public Safety, University Police and Environmental Health & Safety. You will be provided information about USF's history, vision, significant accomplishments and future efforts. You will learn about the services, training and resources available. This is a mandatory orientation. Attend Welcome to USF.

    College of Arts & Sciences New Faculty Orientation & Welcome Reception

    At the beginning of the fall semester each year, our College holds an orientation meeting and welcome reception for new members of the faculty. This allows new faculty to meet the Dean's Office staff, to learn about the College's mission and priorities, and to become acquainted with other new faculty. For 2015, this meeting will be held on Friday, August 14 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Lunch will be provided. The welcome reception begins at 5:15pm. This is a mandatory orientation.

    Provost Office New Faculty Orientation
    The Provost Office schedules new faculty orientation during the first week of the fall semester each year. The events have been planned to familiarize you with the university and hopefully will make for a smooth transition into the university community. This is a mandatory orientation. Details can be found here.

    GEMS Self Service
    The Global Employment System (GEMS) is the management system for USF’s personnel and payroll activities. GEMS Self-Service allows USF employees to review and, where appropriate, add, update, or delete their information online. Here is an online overview.

    USF currently uses the educational software system, Blackboard, for classroom and learning enhancement. Each class is assigned a learning environment in Blackboard. IT provided some basic information for getting started in this system. Here is a brief tutorial.

    FAST is the financial administration management system for financial transactions at USF. All financial transactions are recorded in this system. All users required to attend instructor led training classes before being issued a User ID and password for USF Business Systems. The first step is to review the online tutorial.

    Purchase Card (PCard)
    The USF Procurement Card (PCard) is a University of South Florida VISA credit card issued by Bank of America. PCards are allowed for purchases of small dollar commodities and services and travel for official USF system business. This self-paced online PCard Certification Training course contains all the information a Cardholder needs to know about USF System policies, procedures and regulations regarding the purchase of commodities, services and travel with the PCard.

    This is the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). The purpose of this tutorial is to train USF employees by increasing their awareness of FERPA as well as their responsibilities to protect University data. Therefore, your completion of this tutorial is an important step in safeguarding student data and strengthening the trust of our students.

    USF101: Stuff You Need to Know, But Didn’t Know to Ask
    This two hour workshop will help acclimate you as a new employee and introduce you to some online resources that will make your job easier.

    We, the staff of the Department of Chemistry, are here to help you. Following is a list of which staff member handles specific tasks. Please feel free to contact us if you need help with anything. If you don't see your area of concern listed, start with Ryan. He will get you pointed in the right direction.

    Avergonzado, Roberto -
    Academic Program Specialist
    Location: CHE203b
    Telephone: 813.974.4238
    Areas of Responsibility: Textbooks, Classroom Reservations/Assignments, Teaching Evaluations, Access to Blackboard/Canvas, Student Permits, Grade Corrections

    Graham, Cheryl -
    Fiscal & Business Assistant
    Location: CHE208b
    Telephone: 813.974.2258
    Areas of Responsibility: Purchasing – Requisitions and Purchase Orders, PCard Reconciliation, Equipment Purchases, Foundation Accounts

    Nelson, Christina -
    Coordinator of Academic Support Services
    Location: CHE205f
    Telephone: 813.974.2264
    Areas of Responsibility: Faculty & Graduate Teaching Assignments, Course Planning/Scheduling, Undergraduate Course & Program Proposal Assistance, Student Grievances, Faculty Evaluations

    Jahn, Ryan -
    Manager, Fiscal & Business Administration
    Location: CHE208c
    Telephone: 813.974.4487
    Areas of Responsibility: Payroll, Benefits, Business Systems Access, Building Access, Budgets, Purchasing, Faculty and Staff Recruiting and Hiring, Tenure and Promotion, Website, Telephones