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What our peer leaders are saying about their experience?

"Peer Leading is a truly wonderful experience for students who finished Chem 1 (and Chem 2) in any major. Not only does it provide the opportunity to review past concepts and materials for the Peer Leaders themselves, it gives the PL a chance to help guide and motivate students who are just starting their chemistry education at USF. Leading a class, helping them discover their own individual potential as chemists and in the broader sense students, and learning how to be comfortable in front of a class are all invaluable experiences you can take away as a Peer Leader. I highly recommend applying!"

Romel Pancho (Spring 2015)

"Breath of fresh air, helpful, interesting"

"I would recommend Peer Leading to anyone! Not only is the class interesting and original, it is a great practice tool for upcoming graduate level assessments. Through close contact with lab and lecture TAs and helping develop questions for Chem 1 students, I have a profound appreciation for the educator's responsibilities. It is fascinating to see how the other half lives! On top of that, I am much better at public speaking and can communicate more efficiently."

Julie Vasconcellos (Spring 2013)

“Peer leading is an engaging, rewarding and invaluable experience from which your confidence, knowledge and leadership skills will greatly benefit. From the first moment you look upon the 20 or more students under your guidance from behind the podium to the farewell at the end of the last week of class; peer leading will change your perspective and appreciation for yourself, others and education as a whole. Throughout the semester, you will be challenged, your knowledge will be expanded and students will even teach you new ways of thinking about chemistry. Realizing that you are the one that your class looks to for guidance in their learning, is a memorable moment - the first time you show a student a totally new way of approaching a problem or guide someone to achieve what they've struggled at for hours brings immense pride and satisfaction. It is not only the students who will learn; peer leading can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in your college career and will likely bring many a defining moment in your life.”

Dave Hutchinson (Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

“I decided to become a peer leader because I had a good experience with my peer leader for general chemistry. It was a great way to interact with other students and explain to them, from a student's perspective, how to approach material that can be very challenging, especially for those who have not taken any chemistry before. I met some great students and some difficult ones but it was very rewarding when someone had an "ah ha!" moment. I would do it again. The experience also opened me up to group study, which is what is getting me through classes in medical school.”

Asfiya Yunus (Fall 2011)

"I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in peer leading for Chemistry I. Reviewing the concepts for each session has allowed me to brush up on basic chemistry skills that will be extremely useful on the MCAT. It has also given me useful leadership experience that will certainly carry on through the remainder of my studies. I would recommend this experience to future pre-medical students and students with science-related majors as a way to not only gain better understanding of past concepts, but also as a way of giving back what others previously invested in you."

Anaisy Pargas (Spring 2013)

“Peer Leading for Chemistry has been one of my favorite experiences from my undergraduate career. I have had to opportunity to help younger students, explain concepts to them that I once was confused by, and show them what methods and tricks helped me when I was in their position. Not only is it great to see these students leave the classroom with a better understanding of chemistry, but peer leading has also been beneficial to me. I have learned a great deal about peer teaching, which is something that is very important for many graduate schools. I highly recommend Peer Leading as a class where not only will the students that you teach benefit, but you will also grow.”

Sabrina Prabakaran (Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

“Being a peer leader has been an amazing experience for me! Initially, it can be very nerve-wracking but it becomes almost second nature and well worth the time. As a relatively timid person, I am now able to speak in front of a group of my peers and communicate ideas and thoughts in ways others can understand. Not only has it improved my public speaking skills, but becoming a peer leader has also allowed me to truly understand the various concepts of chemistry. A new level of understanding is reached when you have to explain it to your peers in simplified terms. And most importantly, I am able to be a guide and a helper to my fellow students. The greatest satisfaction that I have obtained is knowing that my peers have walked away with a greater insight of chemistry than when they walked in. Without a doubt, I would definitely take the opportunity to be a peer leader again!”

Rochelle Etienne (Spring 2013)

"This was a great experience for me because I learned how to have a positive impact on student learning and development. When I took Gen Chem as a freshman it was an extremely discouraging experience for me because I did not have a solid background in chemistry. During that period of time, I found myself in a constant struggle to catch up and keep up the material. This course helped me understand how to steer students towards achieving their potential and how to encourage some enthusiasm in the Sciences."

Karissa Yob (Spring 2013)

“The opportunity to serve as a peer leader has allowed me to improve my leadership skills and contribute to the education of other students with similar academic goals. Peer leading can also help sharpen skills in general chemistry when preparing for professional school entrance exams such as the MCAT. Lastly, serving as a peer leader during consecutive semesters can contribute to a well-rounded resume when applying to graduate or professional school. I would recommend peer leading to any motivated student who wishes to help others reach their academic goals while improving his or her own communication skills.”

Luis Gonzalez (Spring 2013)

“Peer leading provides a unique experience for both the student and the mentor. As a peer leader one has the opportunity to engage the class and promote the chemistry learning process. This experience allowed me to have a leadership position, brush up on chemistry in preparation for the MCAT, and see the classroom environment from a different perspective.”

Lisa Vaccaro (Spring 2013)

“I love being a peer leader for several reasons. One being that the feeling of helping someone understanding a concept is amazing. When a student is confused and you can help clarify the misunderstanding it is unexplainable. I really enjoy helping people and being a peer leader is one way I can do that. Also I am shy when it comes to speaking in front of other individuals and me being a peer leader helps me to meet this uncomfortable feeling head on and conquer it. Peer leading also invites the unique opportunity of being a leader. It allows a person the chance to be a leader and understand what that entails. Some people are natural born leaders, but with practice and a good work ethic others can become taught leaders. As a peer leader you can learn this unique ability. There's so many other facets involved in being a peer leader, but these are the main points in my opinion.”

Evan Thomas (Spring 2013)

“As a peer leader you get to stand up in front of others and help. You get to be a leader that can remove confusion from a student and you get a joy out of helping students and help them to not only understand chemistry, but also for a few they will begin to enjoy it.”

Patrick Thorn (Spring 2013)

“As a peer leader for CHM 2045 for a year, I had an amazing experience working with the students. I developed good communication and leadership skills through this program and it was an outstanding opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally.”

Sharon Baby (Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

“I loved being a peer leader because of two reasons. Being a peer leader forced me to retain concepts I learned in general chemistry courses. Although material taught to students wasn't difficult to grasp, I studied more in depth in order to prepare myself for questions students might have. Another reason for my love towards peer leading is that it put me in a position where I had to lead and speak in front of many students. I became significantly better at speaking in front of students, therefore being a better leader.”

Sinhye Lee (Spring 2012)