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Organic Chemistry Research Groups

Organic Chemistry Research Groups
Group Website Research Specifics
Baker, Bill Baker, Bill
Bisht, Kirpal Bisht, Kirpal
Cai, Jianfeng Cai, Jianfeng Design, synthesis and investigation of bioactive peptidomimetics; development of novel biomaterials; development of novel molecular probes and drug candidates; protein and nucleic acid surface recognition and modulation of protein-protein interactions.
Del Valle, Juan Del Valle, Juan Our laboratory is actively engaged in the organic synthesis of peptide mimics, natural products, and their congeners. These compounds are used to probe molecular recognition events and to target disease-relevant pathways. We are particularly fascinated by the impact of structurally complex amino acids on conformation and bioactivity.
Guida, Wayne Guida, Wayne
Leahy, James Leahy, James
Li, Xiaopeng Li, Xiaopeng Dr. Li’s research activities are focused on supramolecular chemistry based on coordination-driven self-assembly. His research group is centered on the design, synthesis and self-assembly of giant metallo-supramolecules with increasing complexity and diversity for the development of functional materials with high-performance.
Lopchuk, Justin Lopchuk, Justin Our research program is grounded in synthetic organic chemistry with a specific focus on the development of new reactions, the design of new reagents, and the total synthesis of natural products with anti-cancer activity. In collaboration with other research groups at Moffitt, we will apply our chemistry to synthesize chemical probes designed to interrogate the function of key oncoproteins and immune-regulatory proteins, while ultimately seeking to develop these probes and lead compounds into novel anti-cancer drugs.
Raker, Jeffrey Raker, Jeffrey Dr. Raker research is focused on how and what students learn in organic chemistry as well as across the undergraduate chemistry degree program.
Shi, Xiaodong (Michael) Shi, Xiaodong (Michael) The research in Dr. Shi’s group is focused on organic synthesis, material chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and catalysis. Current projects include: 1) new synthetic methodology development; 2) organometallic chemistry; 3) supramolecular and polymer materials and 4) biomedicinal chemistry.
Turos, Edward Turos, Edward