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Seminars: Fall 2017

Departmental Seminars are held on Thursdays, from 9:30 to 10:45 AM in CHE 100.
For more information, contact: Xiaopeng Li

Organic Chemistry Colloquiums are held on Tuesdays, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM in NES 102.
For more information, contact: Kirpal Bisht

A concise history of the current and former lecture series at USF is available here.

Additionally, a history of the Martin Lectureship series is available here.

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For readability, all of the seminars are listed below:

Seminar TypeSpeaker/TitleDateHost
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Chuanhai Cao
College of Pharmacy, USF

Cannabinoids as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
2017-08-24Guida, Wayne
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Jeffrey Johnston
Department of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University

Schneller Lecturer
2017-08-31Del Valle, Juan
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Mr. Zachary Shultz

Cyclization Strategies Towards the Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Michael Summers
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

New Insights into the Mechanism of HIV-1 Genome Packaging
2017-09-07Merkler, David
Departmental Seminar
Dr. Gregg Beckham [CANCELLED]
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Breaking down plant cell walls: A few short stories in improving biofuels production processes
2017-09-14Woodcock, H. Lee
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Ms. Ashleigh Bachman

Phosphorylation Induced Global Structural Destabilization of a Small Protein Domain
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Peter Mahaffy
Department of Chemistry, The King's University

Systems thinking to reimagine chemistry education
2017-09-21Lewis, Jennifer
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Dr. Justin Goodwin

Progress Towards the Synthesis of 17-nor-excelsinidine
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Qiu Wang
Department of Chemistry, Duke University

Leveraging chemistry for biology and therapy: New amination strategies to access biologically important molecules
2017-09-28Shi, Xiaodong
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Mr. Ryan Anderson

Subtraction Lipidomics of Endocannabinoids in Invertebrate Model Systems
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Suazette Mooring
Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University

2017-10-05Raker, Jeffrey
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Mr. Faeez Sisan Mahzamani

The study of Polyacrylate based nanoparticle emulsions
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Brian Blagg
Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Kansas

2017-10-12Gelis, Ioannis
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Bing Gong
Department of Chemistry, University of Buffalo

Biomimetic Molecular and Supramolecular Structures Based on Predictable Folding & Controlled Self-Assembly
2017-10-19Cai, Jianfeng
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Mr. Anisul Islam

Protein kinase C-zeta stimulates colorectal cancer carcinogenesis via PKC-zeta/Rac1/Pak1/Beta-Catenin signaling cascade
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Bruce Gibb
Department of Chemistry, Tulane University

The many faces of non-polar pockets
2017-10-26Li, Xiaopeng
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Prof. Dmitry Peryshkov
University of South Carolina, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Carborane Cluster Architectures Featuring Multiple Metal-Boron Interactions
Departmental Seminar
Prof. David Russell
Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M

2017-11-02Evans-Nguyen, Theresa
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Jeremiah Johnson
Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Toward Increased Precision and Efficiency in Macromolecular Synthesis: New Strategies and Enabling Functions
2017-11-09Li, Xiaopeng
Drug Discovery Colloquium
Mr. Wishrawana Sarathi Ratnayake

Atypical protein kinase c inhibitors can repress epithelial to mesenchymal transition in malignant melanoma
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Andrei Yudin
Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto

2017-11-16Del Valle, Juan
Departmental Seminar
Stephen Fitzgerald
Oberlin College

2018-02-01Space, Brian