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Luz Adriana Londono

Luz Adriana Londono

Luz Adriana Londono
Teaching Laboratory Assistant


Office: ISA 1064


  • Sets up laboratory equipment and instrumentation required for tests, analysis, or processes, Weekly calibration and troubleshooting NMR, IR, GC, pH meters and any other equipment as necessary.
  • Maintain proper hygiene of the lab workspace (stockroom area). This process will include but is not limited to washing glassware, cleaning benches, dusting surfaces, maintaining cleanliness of equipment, Dispose in the proper location of any secondary shipping materials (paper, cardboard, foam etc.) Assist with keeping supplies, materials and equipment clean, organized and ready for use.
  • Prepare chemical solutions for use in the chemistry teaching labs following standardized formulas or experimental procedures (SOP). Refill chemicals in the teaching laboratories. Prepare and put away reagents, equipment, supplies or specimens for laboratory sessions.
  • Test weekly the eye wash stations in all locations (stockroom and teaching labs), weekly refill dish soap and hand soap for all locations.
  • Inspect and verify incoming materials against invoices or other documents, record shortages, request the purchase of chemicals. Store chemicals and equipment in the designated location.
  • Notify and report to the lab manager and to EHS any incident or near miss in the labs or stockroom
  • Remove full waste containers from teaching labs, transport it to the approved accumulation area, record the waste with the proper label and report it on HITS for pick up, finally replace the waste container with an empty one.
  • Conduct and update inventories of equipment, supplies and reagents.
  • Daily sets up laboratory materials and equipment for the teaching laboratory experiment of the week. Dispense to students and TAs the chemicals, equipment and any material needed by the students during teaching periods.
  • Provide clerical support for the laboratories, including the creation of Excel spreadsheets, labels, and other pertinent documents for the laboratories.
  • Enforce the safety rules and regulation approved by the University; this will include a continue supervision of the assigned teaching laboratories. Communicate with the TA any anomaly or miss behavior of students and act in case that safety rules are not corrected. Report any case to lab manager and if necessary ask the student to leave the lab.
  • Performs any other duties related to the laboratories as assigned by the lab manager and chemistry department.